Type desk is an automated response system that lets everyone on your team quickly create, organize, and send personalized messages.

You can create a library of canned responses that can be used by your entire team, or you can create individualized responses for each team member.

Why Choose Type desk?

There are many reasons to choose typedesk lifetime deal , but some of the most compelling is its customizable placeholder and variables feature, which allows you to create unique responses for different leads and clients, and its ability to integrate with multiple platforms, making it a versatile tool for your customer communication needs.

Typedesk is a great tool for creating and sending canned responses to leads and clients. The customizable placeholders and variables make it easy to create unique responses for different situations.

The templates for frequently used messages help you save time on typing. The shared team folders and organized responses keep everyone on the same page.

And the keyboard shortcuts make it easy to insert canned responses across multiple platforms.

Typedesk Features

The best way to supercharge your typing is to use a tool like Type Desk. You can manage your canned responses and get more done in less time.

Type desk users love the speed and efficiency that TypeDesk provides, and we’re sure you will too!

☞ Quick Response Shortcuts

Adding a canned response to your email signature is the fastest way to get your signature into your emails.

Simply type a 3 or 4-letter shortcut into your signature field and your signature will be inserted automatically.

This works in Gmail, Slack, Outlook, Microsoft Office, and many other email clients.

☞ Advanced Variables

Use select boxes, text input, and much more to create custom responses on the fly. With so many options at your disposal, you’ll be able to build unique responses every time you use them.

Whether you’re looking to create a one-of-a-kind customer service experience or just want to add a personal touch to your correspondence, this is the way to do it.

☞ Productivity

Type desk is a service-agnostic tool that works with your current apps and websites, so you can keep your habits and the productive apps and websites you love and use every day. With this tool, finding canned responses only takes a few keystrokes.

Additionally, type desk is blazing-fast, keyboard-first, offline-proof, cloud-synced, and offers easy organization for your canned responses.

Plus, you can easily create several versions of the same response, for instance, translations, or variations of the same message.

Lastly, notifications keep your whole team in sync when someone updates a shared canned response.

☞ Team

If you want to keep your message aligned and your productivity high, then sharing your canned responses with your team is the way to go.

Notifications will keep everyone in sync, while team folders will allow anyone to update and share new responses.

Private notes will give context and instructions to the rest of your team so that they know when to use this canned response.

☞ Variables

Variables are the best way to ensure all the placeholders are filled in and the response is customized for each reply.

Variables are the best way to ensure all the placeholders are filled in and the response is customized for each reply. You can use text input to replace a placeholder when using a canned response.

You can also use select input to add several options to choose from for a given variable. You can use dates to show dates in different formats with an optional offset from today.

You can use the clipboard to paste the contents of your clipboard into the canned response. You can use gender conditional to insert different sentences based on the gender of the recipient.

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